Nisa Efendioğlu


Nisa Efendioglu studied English and French Translation and Interpretation at Hacettepe University, Ankara and she completed part of her education at Paris 8 University. After finishing her bachelor's degree, she started to work at TRT World in Istanbul. 

While she was studying, she completed master's studies at Galatasaray University on Strategical Communication Management. In her dissertation, she focused on Public Diplomacy and TRT World. 

After her work experience in Turkey, she moved to London where she worked at the office of TRT World for 2 years. While working, she also pursued her second masters degree at London School of Economics, a leading and prestigious university.

She has a master's degree in Global Europe: Culture and Conflict Department. She is currently working as a Diplomatic Correspondent at TRT Haber. Efendioglu speaks English and French and she conducts high level interviews with world leaders politicians as well as producing special news packages on different issues.


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